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With HardiFence, you get a system of interlocking sheets that are identical on both sides. HardiFence uses an EasyLock system with capping to provide a beautiful and strong fence that doesn’t require any posts and can be painted to suit the location. Installing a HardiFence can add appeal and value to your property, provide privacy and a secure enclosure for even the most energetic and determined animals!

The HardiFence fencing system is made of corrugated, 7mm thick sheets that are partially buried. The top of the sheets have metal capping for a pleasant overall look. HardiFence can be installed in both flat and sloped locations and works well in sandy soil types.

Team Work Fencing specialise in using HardiFence and offer Free Quotes for all jobs.

HardiFence is only available in WA.

HardiFence Benefits:

  • Durable construction and materials
  • Dent-resistant
  • Looks great (and identical) on both sides
  • Ready to paint, if desired
  • 10-year warranty
  • Buried up to 600mm

HardiFence Durability

The HardiFence system is made of reinforced cement fibre, making it incredibly durable. HardiFence has the following durability benefits:

  • Moisture and rot resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to termites

Where to Install HardiFence

HardiFence can be installed outside homes and in commercial areas. It’s particularly great for people with dogs that need to be kept in the yard, and will contain even the most aggressive diggers.

Areas where HardiFence is Inappropriate

HardiFence is a solid fence, which means that wind resistance is high and can place stress on the fence. Therefore, it should not be installed in areas such as on the edge of a large, open field or at the top of a hill, where there is most likely going to be a lot of wind resistance.

HardiFence cannot be used as a retaining wall.

HardiFence and the Environment

HardiFence contains no asbestos or other harmful chemicals. It’s thick fibrous sheets are chemically inert and do not leech substances into the soil. The contractors at TWF take great pride in their commitment to the environment, and strive to create the smallest environmental impact possible when installing each project.

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