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Looking for fencing contractors in Western Australia? Look no further than Team Work Fencing. Servicing both domestic and commercial clients across Western Australia, we build and install quality fencing and gates for both residential and commercial clients. Our functional designs provide security, privacy and will enhance the look of your property. Call us for an obligation free fence quote.

Colorbond Fencing

Decorate your home’s exterior with Team Works attractive Colorbond fencing. With 14 colours available, we will create a custom fencing solution to suit your property. Team Work Fecnign offers Colorbond Fencing Perth throughout Western Australia which includes supply and installation. Colorbond is made of Bluescope Steel and provides a smooth, attractive finish and a durable solution. It is ideal for fence repairs as Colorbond will last for years to come. The benefits of Colorbond include:

  • Durability
  • Unbeatable quality
  • Highly affordable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Color bond Perth!

For more information go to Domestic Colorbond fences


A traditional backyard fencing solution, Hardifence is typically used for maintaining privacy at home. Known for its durability and structural performance, Hardifence EasyLock system offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Economical and safe for domestic and commercial use
  • Low maintenance and lasting performance
  • No posts or concrete needed
  • Trenched 600mm into the ground ensures pets are locked in and wildlife stays out

Team Works offers an affordable Hardifence solution which can be quickly installed and cost-effective. For more information go to our Hardifence page.

Rural Fencing

Secure your farm with TWF’s rural fencing. Our expert fence installers can get your animals secured behind custom rural fencing in no time. We make sure the fencing materials used will not endanger the animals in your yard and keep them in.

Our most preferred fencing materials include:

  • Steel wire
  • Pinelap
  • Jarrah wood
  • Wrought iron
  • Star pickets

For more information see our Rural fencing page.

Brushwood Fencing

Whether you’re landscaping around a pool or looking to add privacy to your back yard, Brushwood fencing could be an ideal solution for you. This fencing material is known for its resistance against harsh weather conditions and wind. Proper installation of Brushwood fencing can only be carried out by experienced, insured and licensed fencing contractors.

For more information see our Brushwood fencing page.

What We Offer

We cater for a wide range of clients in Western Australia and can provide skilled fencing contractors for the following jobs:

Commercial Fences

commercial Fencing

Team Work Fencing Contractors offers fencing options for commercial and industrial applications. From high-security fencing, including Cyclone, Garrison and Palisade fences to rural properties, we guarantee to have the right solution for you.

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Domestic Fences

Home Fences

Team Work Fencing Contractors has a number of fencing solutions on offer. Whether you’re looking for Colorbond Fencing Perth, decorative or security fencing, we have the styles and options that will fit your needs and your budget.

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Why Choose Us

Why choose Team Work Fencing Contractors in Western Australia? Our fencing contractors are dedicated to delivering your work on time, to budget and with the best workmanship possible. Choose from a wide range of attractive and functional fence designs, created specifically for your needs.
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